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– for Children and Seniors Suffered from Kumamoto Earthquake
Powerful earthquakes hit Kumamoto prefecture -- -a magnitude 6.4quake on April 14 and a magnitude 7.3 quake on April 16. Due to these quakes and the following aftershocks, more than 62,000 houses have been destroyed /damaged, and more than 15,000 people have been forced to stay at shelters.
Kumamoto YMCA, also affected by the quake, has been making every effort to help people in the quake-hit area. It has 14 YMCA centers, including 2 sport centers commissioned by government, and so Kumamoto YMCA has managed big shelters with government at these sport centers where about 1,400 evacuees have stayed. Besides that, Kumamoto YMCA has provided the facilities of YMCA centers for free, and opened the YMCA volunteer center utilizing its campground.
Right after the earthquake, many local YMCAs have started to support the evacuees with Kumamoto YMCA by sending staff, experts and youth volunteers, and providing programs especially for children and seniors.
Now we ask you to support us so that YMCA could continue to be with the suffered people and rebuild the devastated communities with them.

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